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TRiNiDAD Pro - James Hopkins - 90 % Softdarts - Python Type 2 - 18 gr ( BO )

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Achtung Barrelgewicht BO 18gr - plus Setup !

90% Tungsten

47 mm

6,5 mm

Gravity Center

Old style semi-long straight made only of shark cuts.

American TRiNiDAD player James Hopkins model 2nd edition.
A simple semi-long straight cut made of only three different widths of shark cuts.

The rear grip has a micro shark cut for easy release and a standard width shark cut, making it a cut arrangement that firmly transmits power to the dart while allowing for easy release.
Furthermore, we have added a step to the joint with the shaft, allowing you to feel the grip position with your fingers.

The front has the widest shark cut, and it is a cut that firmly fixes the dart and stabilizes the grip even if it is only lightly touched by the assisting finger.

This simplicity makes it feel new, making it a truly old-style straight barrel.

Material: 90% Tungsten
Weight: 18.0g
Total length: 47.0mm
Maximum diameter: 6.5mm
Center of gravity: Center

■Set contents
Barrel: 3 pieces
Flights: 3 pieces
Shaft: 3 pieces
CONDOR tip: 3 pieces