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TRiNiDAD Pro - Hiroyuki Yoshino - Eder Type 3 Steeldarts 19,5 gr

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90% Tungsten

19,5 gr

45 mm

7,1 mm

Semi Front Gravity

EDER goes from straight to torpedo with a straight feel.

EDER changed from straight to torpedo.
The rear taper part supports extrusion with a ring cut.
EDER's unique knurling cut continues to be used in the main grip.
The knurled cut increases friction and reduces grip pressure, allowing you to push out darts firmly without using too much force.

EDER changed to Torpedo in order to improve control accuracy.
The model has been changed to a more versatile barrel.

Material: 90% Tungsten
Weight: [2BA] 18.5g / [STEEL] 19.5g (points included)
Total length: 45.0mm
Maximum diameter: 7.1mm
Center of gravity: [2BA] Center / [STEEL] Semi-front

■Set contents
Barrel: 3
Flights: 3
Shafts: 3