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TRiNiDAD PRO - Eikichi Nakanishi - Saldivar - 90% Steeldarts 25 gr

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25 gr

90% Tungsten

50,8 mm

6,7 mm

Semi Front Gravity

Thoughtful specs and carefully balanced design
New sense straight barrel with

semi-front center of gravity Eikichi Nakanishi's first model
steel barrel weighs 25g, the heaviest in the PRO series.
The strength is due to the weight, and the weight of 25g is carefully balanced so that it does not feel too heavy.
22g in soft barrel.
By intentionally creating a difference in weight, we avoid the mindset of ``throwing the dart the same way'' and allow you to concentrate on the feeling of ``getting the dart to fly there''.

The rear grip part is narrow and the tapered part is a wide ring cut.
By widening the cut of the characteristic taper part, it has a moderate amount of tension and a moderate looseness.
The front ring cut part has a knurling that acts as a brake when your fingers touch it, and a mild grip to prevent you from using your middle finger too much when releasing.
In order to improve the quality with age and to eliminate the discomfort from the beginning, the overall cut is shallow.

Please try the new straight barrel with a carefully balanced design.

Material: 90% Tungsten
Weight: 22.0g
Total length: 50.8mm
Maximum diameter: 6.7mm
Center of gravity: Semi-front

Material: 95% Tungsten
Weight: 25.0g (including points)
Total length: 50.8mm
Maximum diameter : 6.7mm