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TRiNiDAD - Model Jack - Steeldarts 90% Tungsten - 30 gr

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30 gr Darts

90% Tungsten

52 mm

8.0 mm

Semi Front Gravity

TRiNiDAD's first steel model limited edition.
Super heavy 30g that allows darts to fly and gather due to its weight.

Super heavy 30g that you can't even experience with soft darts.
JACK STEEL was made possible because it is a steel dart with no weight regulation.

Weighs 30g. If you use the indentation in the grip and release your arm from the swinger, it will fly off on its own.
It's extremely heavy, so it's very easy to get a feel for how the darts fly.
It's easy to get a feel for the dart, so it's easy to imagine the trajectory of the dart you're aiming at, making it easier to aim.

Rather than throwing it, just letting go of your hand while swinging your arm will cause it to fly properly, so I think you'll find it easy to grasp the feeling of letting go of your hand.

Furthermore, the weight of 30g allows it to press into the gathered darts, and forcefully enter the target without being bounced and group them.

Please feel TRiNiDAD's commitment to steel darts through the barrel, as only the steel model is released.

Material: 90% Tungsten
Weight: 30.0g (including points)
Total length: 52.0mm
Maximum diameter: 8.0mm
Center of gravity: Semi-front

■Set contents
Barrel: 3 pieces Flights
: 3 pieces
Shaft: 3 pieces