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TRiNiDAD PRO ZAMORA3 Steeldarts - Megumi Matsumoto - 20 gr

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1 Set a 3 Steeldarts inkl Flights und Shafts aus dem Hause TRiNiDAD

ZAMORA TYPE3 where STEEL TIP model was improved to base

As for 6mm, we lengthen full length from ZAMORA TYPE2 and improve weight 1 g.
We locate round cut in backward main grip part and strengthen cut.
We can push for a feeling of delicate grip well.

ZAMORA which was the semi-rear center of gravity all the time until now.
It becomes the semi-front center of gravity where series becomes first in, and improvement that was strongly conscious of steal dart is performed.
Soft tip model becomes this steal tip model and balance design without sense of incongruity.

Material: 90%Tungsten
Weight: 20.0 g
Full length: 44.0mm
Greatest dimension: 7.4mm
Center of gravity: The semi-front

■Set contents
Barrel: Three
Flight: Three pieces
Shaft: Three
CONDOR tip: Three (only as for 2BA type)

※Color of flight and shaft tip of accessories may be different from photograph.
※Color of logo of barrel may be different from the real thing by environment of monitor. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.