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TRiNiDAD Pro - Yuki Yamada - Gomez Type 11 - Steeldarts 23 gr

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23 gr Steeldarts

80% Tungsten

52 mm

6,6 mm

Semi-Front Gravity

The ultimate simple design with cuts placed only where necessary.
Gomez takes on a more classical style.

This is the 11th work, and what we have arrived at is the ultimate simple straight barrel.
There are only 3 ring cuts on the grip part. By leaving the top and bottom cutless,
he can clearly feel the three ring cuts.

Furthermore, by adding a taper to the rear cutless part, it plays the role of assisting in transmitting force to the dart.
Four rings are cut at the point where the tip of the index finger touches the ground.
Three rings are cut in front of where the middle finger touches.
Cuts are only made at the points used for the grip.

The thread cutting is the same as the Gomez10, so the front part is tightened as much as possible, and the rear part is dug as far as possible to move the center of gravity as far forward as possible.
The steel is made of 80% tungsten and the screw holes are filled in as much as possible.

Why did Yuki Yamada, who has made 11 barrels of his own, make it so simple?
It is a barrel that you can tell by trying to throw it.

Material: [2BA] 95% Tungsten / [STEEL] 80% Tungsten
Weight: [2BA] 22.0g / [STEEL] 23.0g (including points)
Total length: 52.0mm
Maximum diameter: 6.6mm
Center of gravity: Semi-front