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TRiNiDAD Pro Series - EDER Type 2 - Hiroyuki Yoshino Steeldarts - 21,5 gr

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1 Set a 3 Darts

90% Tungsten

21,5 gr

EDER proud of control-related height.
TYPE2 which was improved to plan further control-related improvement.

Hiroyuki Yoshino second model.
We switch to heavy setting for a long time in comparison with previous work.
Widen width of knurl part as much as became heavy, and omission is better; is mild; suffer, and is changed by condition.
We are improved by to add cut of knurl region which we gave one step to, can push out of taper and there where curve ball hung over the barrel last more.
We weaken cut and by being able to push dart well, further improve control characteristics.

We locate ring cut and microcut in turn, and forward cut largely improves kakarino strength.
For Yoshino whom there is forefinger on barrel ahead well, a sense of stability of grip becomes improvement to increase.

Almighty-related expensive barrel.
It is to barrel wanting control who wants to give precision to try by all means.

Material: 90%Tungsten
Weight: [2BA] 20.0 g [STEEL] 21.5 g (it includes point)
Full length: 48.0mm
Greatest dimension: 6.6mm
Center of gravity: Center

■Set contents
Barrel: Three
Flight: Three pieces
Shaft: Three
CONDOR tip: Three (only as for 2BA type)