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TRiNiDAD Pro - Jose Marques - Marques Type 2 - Steeldarts 90% Tungsten - 19 Gramm

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19 gr

90% Tungsten

44 mm

6,5 mm

Feels like a torpedo barrel. Semi-long straight with emphasis on balance.

Jose Marques also participated in the PDC WORLD CUP OF DARTS.
Type 2 has been improved from a soft darts player to aim for PDC.

Center center of gravity, 44mm, which is short for a straight barrel.
Starting just behind the center of gravity, there is a ring cut that doesn't hang too much, and a shallow, thin vertical cut.
The cut is limited and the grip point is designed to be easy to grasp.
Furthermore, a taper is added at the back, and the cut and taper are used evenly to transmit force to the dart, increasing ease of release and high controllability.

There is only one ring cut in the front, which not only stabilizes the grip, but also serves as a mark for the grip position.

Very well-balanced, simple semi-long straight.
This barrel is recommended for those who want a compact grip.

Material: 90% Tungsten
Weight: [2BA] 18.0g / [STEEL] 19.0g
Total length: 44.0mm
Maximum length: 6.5mm
Center of gravity: Center