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TRiNiDAD Pro - Jose de Sousa The Special One - Type 2 Steeldarts - 20 gr

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Nun auch in 20 Gr Steel erhältlich,

de Sousa Type 2.

The Special One Jose de Sousa aus Portugal mischt seit geraumer Zeit ordentlich mit im PDC Circuit, und macht nicht nur durch seine "Rechenfehler" auf sich aufmerksam. :_)

The orthodox school straight barrel which was improved to fight successfully through PDC.

Portuguese TRiNiDAD player Jose De Sousa which acquires PDC tour card, and plays an active part as hot player.

We are improved heavily for a longer time than previous work to attain a full victory on the stage of the steal dart highest peak.

Strong double ring cut of cutting is located forward to let you do stacking to climb all over.

It is barrel which had high control characteristics by relaxing more, and making throw and fights with the stage of the world's highest mountain using this new weapon.


Material: 90%Tungsten

Weight: 20.0 g

Full length: 55.0mm

Greatest dimension: 6.4mm

Center of gravity: Center

■Set contents

Barrel: Three

Flight: Three pieces

Shaft: Three