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TRiNiDAD PRO - Ivan type2 - Ivan Shen Steeldarts - 21,5 gr

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1 Set a 3 Steeldarts inkl. Flights und Shafts von TRiNiDAD

We introduce power into dart in step of cut directly.
20 g of torpedo barrels which flies comfortably with a thud.

The TRiNiDAD player IVAN SHEN model second.
The secret is covered all by grip part.

We locate five delta cuts which took CAD not to take too much.
Increase outthrust for sense of finger more clearly grip point to always have by three rear giving height by the same height by 1 step towards front from there, and touching step; is cut.

We widen sulcular width of cut of point becoming step, and tread of finger strongly gets and is made so that power reaches dart more efficiently.
We give spiral cut forward and are particular about design.

It is barrel wanting person troubled with hi biya track of dart to try by all means.

Material: [2BA]90%Tungsten/[Steel]95%Tungsten
Weight: [2BA] 20.0 g/[Steel] 21.5 g (we include the point)
Full length: 42.0mm
Greatest dimension: 7.6mm

Center of gravity: The semi-front

■Set contents
Barrel: Three
Flight: Three pieces
Shaft: Three
CONDOR tip: Three

※Color of logo of barrel may be different from the real thing by environment of monitor. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.
※Attached flight and shaft, color and size of tip may be different from image image.