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TRiNiDAD PRO - Gomez 13 Yuki Yamada - Steeldarts 22.8 gr

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1 Set a 3 Darts inkl. Flights und Shafts von TRiNiDAD

Material: 90%Tungsten
Weight: 22.8 g
Full length: 52.0mm
Greatest dimension: 6.6mm
Center of gravity: The semi-front

Previous work and GOMEZ TYPE13 of the specifications.
Cut constitution of grip part backward as for the big difference and rather coarse sandblast processing that was given there.
It becomes the rough feel by giving this rather coarse sandblast processing and responds in dimension that is high with gap, all of pushing out, slalom, grip.

GOMEZ TYPE13 where the high performance has been already proved by the results. Improvement not to permit evolution compromise by warm brushing up is given.