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TRiNiDAD - Model Spinks - Softdarts - 90% Tungsten - 21,5 gr ( BO ! )

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Achtung Barrelgewichtsangabe !! plus Setup !!

1 Set a 3 Darts und Setup

A feeling of rugged grip.
Straight barrel of very heavy knurl processing.

SPINKS which a feeling of rugged grip is characterized by.
It is thought to grip where in spite of being straight barrel, or to be easy to catch width of convex part which gave knurl processing by doing by 1mm in breadth for front from the rear.
Furthermore, he/she copes with any grip as points of any place are usable.

It is thought by doing in ring cut into one phase of step form not to take too much.
It becomes possible to fly dart for this ring cut and rough feeling of knurl processing well.

As this product cuts down anteroposterior screw loss well, we feel weight very more than weight of 21.5 g, and it is powerful, and it is to flying barrel.

Material: 90%Tungsten
Weight: 21.5 g
Full length: 50.0mm
Greatest dimension: 6.6mm
Center of gravity: The semi-front

■Set contents
Barrel: Three
Flight: Three pieces
Shaft: Three
CONDOR tip: Three