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TRiNiDAD - Model Razor - Softdarts 2ba - 20 gr (BO)

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1 Set a 3 Darts inkl. Flights und Shafts von TRiNiDAD


It is the heavyweight division barrel of 20g to be able to spurt lightly to overturn definition of straight barrel.

Constriction part that does not seem to be straight though is straight barrel in second
On grip position to know, stronger ring cut and forward groove and vertical cut
More stable grip is fixed and can push well.

With straight shape, we can spurt by weight of 20 g linearly,
It becomes easy to do grouping.

Even as for the which and straight barrel which we used barrel light so far for were weak in
To good barrel of balance that can spurt without sense of incongruity, and is easy to get center of gravity
We are finished.

※As for the logo of TRiNiDAD, it is carved a seal by barrel

  • Barrel SPEC
  • Weight20.0 g
  • Full length42.0mm
  • Greatest dimension7.4mm
  • Materials90% Tungsten

  • ■Set contents
    Barrel: Three
    Flight: Three pieces
    Shaft: Three
    CONDOR tip: Three

    ※Color of flight and shaft tip of accessories may be different from photograph.
    ※Color of logo of barrel may be different from the real thing by environment of monitor. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.