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TRiNiDAD - Model Elliott - Softdarts - 90% Tungsten - 20 gr (BO)

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PLUS Setup !!

Länge 40,5 mm

Max Dia: 7,8 mm

Secret is on royal road ring cut.
Rather heavy torpedo barrel which was specialized in "pushing dart."

Point to be easy to fly dart by pushing advantage of torpedo barrel, barrel of previous center of gravity with taper.
We become model in pursuit of the "easiness of pushing out" with this product.

Grip moiety is ring cut of royal road.
However, it is not just ring cut.
Groove of cut is gradually deepened for the center from the barrel rear.

Point hakakariga to push becomes stronger and power is easy to be carried on dart and leads to easiness of pushing out.
In the rear, it is design that makes groove shallow, and does not disturb release not to disturb when we separate dart.

Center of gravity is the semi-front in front slightly.
As by bringing center of gravity to near position, can just push center of gravity out of grip position, we can push smoothly weight of 20 g while feeling well.
Therefore, not complicated cut, we adopt hodo yoikakarino ring cut.

It is charm that we are worth having with greatest dimension 7.8mm thickly, and the middle finger fits front doing shape, and can taste a feeling of distinguished grip.

We think that we have person with many bearing areas of finger sense horror of this barrel bodily for barrel more.

■Set contents
Barrel: Three
Flight: Three pieces
Shaft: Three
CONDOR tip: Three

※Color of flight and shaft tip of accessories may be different from photograph.
※Color of logo of barrel may be different from the real thing by environment of monitor. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.