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TRiNiDAD - Model Armstrong - Softdarts - 90% Tungsten - 19 gr ( BO )

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Achtung Gewichtsangabe BO !! 19 gr

90% Tungsten

45 mm

7,4 mm

Semi Front Gravity

Easy to fly and operate like a short torpedo.

TRiNiDAD X SHUFFLE that can be pushed out using a depression. Based on this SHUFFLE
, this product has the concave position forward, and is shaped to grip from the center to the front.

Although it has a certain length of 45mm, it is a barrel that allows you to feel the ease of flight and high operability just like a short torpedo.
The length of the recessed part is also 8 mm, which is designed to fit your fingers more easily, transmit force naturally to the dart, and make it easier to push out.

TRiNiDAD has created a hollow in a position never seen before.
This barrel allows you to make new discoveries that you have never seen before.

Material: 90% Tungsten
Weight: 19.0g
Overall length: 45.0mm
Maximum diameter: 7.4mm
Center of gravity: Semi-front

■Set contents
Barrel: 3 pieces
Flights: 3 pieces
Shaft: 3 pieces
CONDOR tip: 3 pieces