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Mission Lee Evans Steeldarts 90% Tungsten - Electro Black

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1 Set inkl. Sabre Schäften und Flights

The Mission Lee Evans is a finely tuned nod to motorcycle racing with shiny Tungsten, black trims, mud splatters and scratches of neon green.

These ‘Evz’ darts feature a straight barrel design with a bull nose with a tapered rear section which flows smoothly into the Sabre shaft. The front section of the barrel has radial grooves along the length in an alternating mix of sizes. During production the barrel undergoes black electroplating, which is a wonderful contrast to the main body of Tungsten that’s revealed by our precision re-machining process, leaving crisp black trims.

A laser-etched Mission logo finishes the rear of the barrel which then merges sleekly into the transparent blue Sabre shaft. The black aluminium top of the shaft matches the barrel grips and the signature Lee Evans flights completes this aerodynamic joy.

Mission Lee Evans Steel Tip Tungsten Darts - 90% Tungsten. Features: 90% Tungsten Barrels, Electro Coating, 1 Set of Mission Flights, 1 Set of Mission Shafts with S-Lock rings, Point Protector.