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Limited TRiNiDAD PRO Gomez 12 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP - Steeldarts 22,8 gr

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Limitierte Sonderausgabe aus dem Hause TRiNiDAD

Mit diesen Darts hat Yuki Yamada an der WM teilgenommen.

Die zugehörigen Flights gibt es freilich auch im Shop, die "Overkill" Axe Modelle in rot und sandfarben.

Im Lieferumfang sind die Kunststoff-Shafts und TRiNiDAD Poly Flights auf Bild 3 zu sehen !!

Limited number of limited models who memorialized PDC WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP participation of Yuki Yamada.

Soft dart and steal dart. Calculate center of gravity position closely; and in “ same throw feeling place.
Software torpedo, steal straight, GOMEZ to the next stage.

GOMEZ which evolved is different from software in shape by steal.
It is thorough to become the same throw feeling place by equalizing center of gravity and weight.

Steal barrel attaches the points of 40mm that YUUKI YAMADA uses; and 23 g.
Soft barrel is designed to become 23 g in state that attached CONDOR TIP ULTIMATE.
Furthermore, we do barrel front diameter thickly and are doing in bullet shape so that center of gravity comes to steal and the position.
Is similar; and soft dart and steal dart named fault.
Anyway, we pursue the “ throw feeling ground having the same to switch to depending on game quickly.

Three ring cuts are the same as GOMEZ Type11 from taper of the barrel rear.
We increase ring cuts to let grip at that time support widely.
YUUKI YAMADA which became able to scratch finger barrel ahead than this product.
Ring cut of strong cutting is located forward to control dart with the middle finger.

GOMEZ Type12. We think that we have you feel big evolution of GOMEZ.


Material: 90%Tungsten
Weight: 22.8 g
Full length: 52.0mm
Greatest dimension: 6.6mm
Center of gravity: The semi-front

■Set contents
Barrel: Three
Flight: Three pieces
Shaft: Three
CONDOR tip: Three (only as for 2BA type)