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Condor Hard Point Long - 30 mm - Conversion

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1,8 gr

30 mm

1 Set a 3 Spitzen

Condor Hard Point Long

30mm design that is thinner than conventional CONDOR HARD POINT to be more actual than Point1, and to be easy to make grouping, and is long.
We improve Point2 thinness, shape of the tip and it sticks well deeply and is hard to fall.
The durability that began to sharpen Point3 one one and was made, and passed durability test.

As it does not easily melt, we can concentrate on play.

・Entering three
・Materials: Stainless steel
・Weight: About 1.8 g

・Please do not use for use except dart.
・Please never throw for people.
・As you might be hurt, please use safely.
・Please keep out of reach of infants.
・Please put in the cases on storage.