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Condor Hard Point - Conversionpoints

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1,6 gr

24,5 mm

1 Set a 3 Points

Absolute Top-Converisonpoints aus dem Hause Trinidad, Japan.

Conversion point that craftsman began to sharpen one by one and made.

[point 1]
CONDOR Tip and the standard
As it is condor tip and the standard, we can use people who threw in soft dart without sense of incongruity so far.
To person hanging finger in tip in particular, it is usable for same feeling of grip, the same sense.
It is recommended to person called hardboard by exercise in house.

[point 2] ・Entering three
・Product made in stainless steel

[about weight]
It is usable for sense same as CONDOR TIP, but just becomes a feeling of grip.
Difference in weight appears in resin and metal one.

CONDOR TIP: About 0.3 g